Lea Hoyer


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The Agnete earring is named after Lea’s great grandmother. Agnete became a widow back in 1939 in the city of Skagen, where she was left with her daughter Kirsten who was only four years old. Agnete soon got a job at the local fishmongers, however she wanted to do more with her life. She became manager of a store and soon she got employed at the museum in Skagen, which she was very proud of. She put a lot of pride in showing off the art to the many tourists and very much looked forward to the royal visit during the summer. Agnete was a beautiful and petite woman, who stood firmly on her principles, as she chose to live on her own to show the outside world that women were independent. She lived according to the motto: Less is more.

Crafted in sterling silver
Length: 2,5 cm

Sold individually
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