Lea Hoyer


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The Ane necklace is named after Lea’s great-grandmother. Ane, who was also Asta’s mum, was at the age of three years old handed over by her father to the local orphanage. Her mum died in the maternity bed, and her father was an old and poor man. It was a hard and brutal childhood, which was replaced with a job working at the house of an old farmer, who had recently become a widower on his own with a little boy. The young girl had to look after the house and his little son. After some time, the cradle had to be taken down from the attic, because Ane was pregnant. Soon, the farmer and Ane were lawfully married, yet few guests were invited to wedding. Together they had three girls whereof Asta was the youngest. When Asta was 10 years old, Ane left the family and traveled the long way to Copenhagen to educate herself, as she wanted to become a physiotherapist, as we would call it today. She stayed in the capital city for a whole on her own, and she returned home proudly with a certificate showing that she was now an authorized masseuse.

With a horse and a small carriage, she now traveled around in the parish and helped everyone with her magic hands, and accomplished miracles. Ane was a firm and determined woman, who did not trust anyone apart from herself. She was given a rough start to her life and worked dedicated to create another and better life for herself and her family, as opposed to what she originally came from. She succeeded with her goal, as she pursued her own ways and never gave up, even though it was tough. When Ane died in 1968 she was 97 years old.

Crafted in sterling silver
Length: 42 cm