Lea Hoyer


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The Asta earring is an elegant and agile earring named after Lea’s great grandmother. Asta was born back in 1939. Her mother Ane was a firm lady who decisively sent the 15-year-old Asta out to serve at the nearby manor. Working at the manor Asta was the youngest girl in the scullery, where she had to help with the cooking at the wood stove for all the many farm workers. She fell in love with one of the young farm workers and soon married him. Together they tried to start a new life in a smallholding, but life was hard, and the economy was tight. Together they fought, and managed to buy a well-run farm, which aimed to serve as a breeding ground for a better life for Asta, her husband and their two children. The youngest child Svend was Lea’s grandfather. But, when her grandfather was only five years old, his father suddenly died of pneumonia, and Asta was left all alone with the children and a big farm. Back in 1939 it was unusual for a woman to run a farm all by herself without a husband. But she did. During the wartime Asta decided in the meantime to marry again and this time, it was with a farmer. This meant that together they were running two of the biggest farms in their parish. Asta had her own opinions, and every day she enjoyed a good cigar in the dusk of the day’s work. She was the first person in the parish to take her driver’s license, and she drove around independently without her husband. She was a loving, listening and an inclusive woman to the delight of Lea’s mother and other grandchildren of hers.

Crafted in sterling silver
Length: 4,5 cm

Sold individually
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