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The ocean covers a third of the Earth’s surface and it is constantly in movement. 

This movement of the ocean is what gave Lea the inspiration to create the Waterdrop collection. The ocean itself and the constant movement of the ocean has always been an element of inspiration for Lea when she creates the designs of her jewelry. When Lea thinks of the ocean it brings her mixed feelings. On one hand, the sound of the ocean and the breaking waves on the sand give Lea a sense of peace and calmness, and it is a place that she loves to escape to occasionally, when she needs to relax her mind, take a deep breath and enjoy the present. On the other hand, the ocean can also lead to thoughts about the unknown and how scary it can sometimes seem when we observe the size of the ocean. The fact that we do not always know what is out there below the surface can in many ways seem terrifying to think about. However, the sight of the ocean is always beautiful, and it is a place where Lea finds much of her inspiration. 

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The Shell collection is created in the Wadden Sea on Rømø, a danish barrier-island. On Rømø you will find oysters near the shoreline, which is the reason why we have been inspired to make jewellery combined with the use of freshwater pearls. Both the shapes, formed by water, and the pearls are created naturally by nature and therefore they fit perfectly together.

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