Get to know more about our materials

At Lea Hoyer Jewellery all pieces of jewellery are made of sterling silver. The jewellery is stamped with 925 together with our signature stamp HOYER. Our jewellery is gold-plated with a five-layered-gilding in 22 carats. Within the category Fine Jewellery you will find pieces of jewellery that are composed in 14 carat solid gold, which is part of Lea Hoyer Jewellery’s basic assortment. These pieces of jewellery are stamped with 585 accounting for 14 carat gold. 

There are many different qualities within the field of diamonds, and therefore it is very important for Lea Hoyer to work with some of the best materials. Therefore, Lea Hoyer operates with white Wesselton VVS diamonds, which is one of the best qualities on the market. Diamonds are gemstones created in and by nature, and they consist of the hardest of all natural minerals. At Lea Hoyer we work with brilliant-cut diamonds that consists of 57 facets.
The diamonds add to the creation of long-lasting designs at Lea Hoyer.

Lea Hoyer operates with white freshwater pearls grade AA. The quality is important for Lea Hoyer and therefore we work with one of the best qualities within the field of pearls. When working with freshwater pearls you will never find two pearls that are identical. Therefore, our pearls are matched in accordance with having the same round shape and size, which means that they fit with the individual styles in each collection. It is important to notice that all pearls are unique and therefore they will never be completely identical. This is something we place great value on at Lea Hoyer Jewellery.