General information
This Privacy Policy sets out clear guidelines for how collects and processes your personal data. The privacy policy applies for all personal information, which you leave and/or provide us with when you consent to our website. Lea Hoyer Jewellery is responsible for data controlling your personal data.

Lea Hoyer Jewellery collects your personal data 
What type of personal data do we collect and for which purpose?
When you visit our website or buy a product, we automatically collect personal data about for instance, which type of browser you are using, which keywords you use for searching on the website, your IP-address and information about your computer for the purpose of optimizing conversion rate on the website, improving this and to perform more targeted marketing.
What is the reason behind the collection of personal data?
The collection of personal data is necessary in regard to managing our interest in improving our website in terms of its services, the construction of it and to offer relevant propositions.

Use of data processors
We operate with external business partners to perform the technical running and operation of our website. These partners control the disclosed data on behalf of Lea Hoyer Jewellery, and in accordance with our instructions they process the data that we are responsible for. The data controllers cannot apply the data to any other purposes, which are not in compliance with our agreement, as they are governed with confidentiality.

Your rights
With the aim of creating transparency about the data processing of your personal information, we as data controllers, have to enlighten you about your rights.

Rights of Access
You are at any time entitled to make a written petition to be informed about which personal data we have registered about you, what the purpose of these data serves, the categories of personal information and recipients of these data if any, and answers to where these personal data and information originate from.
You can at any time request to see the type of personal data we have registered about you, by sending a written petition to together with valid documentation to prove that you are the person in question.

Right to rectification
You have the right to have incorrect personal data rectified by us. If you are aware that the personal information that we have registered is incorrect, you are encouraged to send a written enquiry to us, so that we can correct the personal information we have on you.

Right to withdrawal
In some circumstances you have the right to withdraw any consent you have given, and we will delete some or all your personal data in our system. In the extent to which the processing of your personal data is necessary for our accounting obligations, we are not obliged to delete your personal data.

Right to confine the process of storage
In some circumstances you have the right to limit the process of your personal data consisting only of storing your data.

Right to Data Portability
You have the right to acquire a handover of your personal data in a structured, commonly applied, and machine-readable format. You have the right to transfer your personal data to another data controller (data portability) when we collect your personal data.

Right to Objection
At any time, you have the right to make an objection against our way of processing your personal data, which we collect to improve our services and functions on our website together with the structure of it. If you wish to make an objection against the process, we are no longer entitled to process your personal data unless we can prove a legal justification for continuing the process.

Right to Complain
At any time, you have the right to file a complaint against the processing of your personal data. This complaint should be submitted to the Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K.^

Deletion of personal data
In case you do not visit our website within a 1 year period, we will automatically delete the personal data that we have collected and registered about you, as we have to fulfill legal requirements. Yet, requirements within the Accounting Act and Consumer Legislation can save certain personal data in a longer period.
Any personal information that we have collected in connection with your explicit consent regarding sales promotion by email, SMS and postage, will be deleted if you withdraw your consent.

We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to ensure that this personal information does not accidentally or fraudulently get destroyed, lost or amended as well as unauthorized people learning about this data and misusing it. Only certain members of staff, who require access to your personal data to conduct their work, have granted permission to access these data.

Contact details
Lea Hoyer Jewellery is accountable for your personal data, which we collect via If you have any questions or remarks to this privacy policy, or if you wish to make use of one or more of your rights,
please contact:

Lea Hoyer Jewellery
Vestergade 3b, 1. floor
8000 Aarhus C
CVR.: 42501557
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