At Lea Hoyer Jewellery we aim to provide the best guidance to our customers. Therefore, this page offers you guidance to how you can take care of your jewellery in the best possible way. 

In general, we recommend that you take off your jewellery when you wash your hands and when you shower. It is important that your jewellery does not come in to contact with perfumes and other beauty products. 

We recommend that you keep your jewellery in your Lea Hoyer jewellery box or in an airtight bag. The jewellery can react negatively when it comes in to contact with co2, and therefore an airtight bag will be the most optimal way to store your jewellery. Especially, if you wish to prolong the lifetime of it.  

In the course of time, jewellery made of sterling silver will oxidize, as it comes in to contact with co2. The best way to store one’s silver is in an airtight bag or container to avoid contact with co2. However, if your jewellery starts to oxidize you can clean them with a silver detergent. 

Gold plated
The lifetime of gold-plated jewellery is dependent on how much you wear the jewellery. The surface of the gold-plated jewellery will be subjected to wear out over time. However, if you experience that your gold-plated Lea Hoyer jewellery fades over time, we offer to regild your gold plated jewellery with an expense of 350 kr. 

Solid gold
Lea Hoyer’s gold jewellery is made of 14 carat solid gold. If you wish to buy a piece of jewellery that lasts a lifetime, we recommend that you invest in solid gold jewellery. 

If your diamond-jewellery needs to be cleaned we recommend that you make use of a neutral detergent, warm water and a soft children’s toothbrush. Carefully clean your diamond-jewellery and rinse well with warm water. 

As pearls are made from natural sources, we recommend that you take of your jewellery, when you are in contact with water and other beauty products. We strongly recommend this since pearls more easily catch dirt and other impurities. Please note: Jewellery with pearls should only be cleaned with detergents specifically suitable for pearls. 

If your Lea Hoyer jewellery needs a little freshen up, you can polish them with a cleaning cloth and rinse them well in a cleaning fluid. Or you can clean them with the use of a neutral detergent, warm water, and a soft children’s toothbrush to get the best results. 

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