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Back in 2017 Lea Hoyer became acquainted with the jewelry profession and she instantly became drawn by the water-cast technique, and today her whole business is centered around this technique. When Lea Hoyer designs her jewelry, it is through the organic process, where she melts the material and drops it into a bowl of water. On the bottom of the bowl an imperfect, organic shape is created by the water. Therefore, Lea is inspired to make new collections in the process, and she never knows how exactly the shapes will develop during the process of a new collection.

To challenge the water-cast technique, Lea has visited various ocean areas throughout Denmark, which have a special meaning in her life. Together with her team she has created collections directly within the ocean. This means that the melted material has been dropped onto the bottom of the ocean. It is an unpredictable process that plays an important part in shaping the organic pieces of jewelry.

Every year Lea Hoyer launces two annual collections consisting of materials in silver, gold-plated and 14 carat. The jewelry can be purchased on our own webshop, in our showroom in Aarhus or at our various dealers located in different areas of Denmark.

At Lea Hoyer the new collections build upon previous collections with the aim of refining and developing a cohesive universe consisting of jewelry for everyday use and for special circumstances. Lea Hoyer believes that jewelry is the perfect way to mark and to remember special occasions or persons, and she always strives to create jewelry that is wearable for generation to come.



Lea Høyer

The year 2017 marks a special turning point in Lea Høyer’s personal as well as business life. After several attempts of trying to figure out, which path to follow in her career and after a few rejections, her mother and grandmother gave her the opportunity to participate in a jewelry course in a creative space named Godsbanen located in the heart of Aarhus. 

Without knowing what her future was going to hold, Lea took the opportunity to go on the course allowing herself to explore her own creative skills, as she has always been very keen on spending her time unfolding her inner creativity. Yet, this jewelry course became the beginning of an ongoing adventure, as Lea spent her entire summer that year perfecting her goldsmith skills. Meanwhile, she created an Instagram profile initially with a different brand name, but soon she renamed the profile to ‘Lea Hoyer Jewellery’ as we know it today. Lea Høyer’s jewellery adventure has evolved every year since the beginning, as she has been fortunate to meet and surrounded herself with people, who believed in her and the business, on this journey and this has been one of the reasons why she has come such a long way. Besides, she has rarely felt alone in the process. Furthermore, the drive that Lea embraces is based on what’s happening right now, in this moment, instead of focusing on long-term plans in the future. For Lea the most important part of the process is that is must be fun, exciting, and eventful. 

14 k solid gold


In the collection Finest, Lea Hoyer creates jewelry in 14 carat gold, which are timeless and therefore wearable for generations to come. Finest, is a permanent collection and over time it will be extended to include new styles. Common for all the pieces in this collection is, that they can be used for all types of occasions. For Lea it is important to create jewelry that are in such good quality that over time they can be passed on to future generations and thereby gain new stories and sentimental value. 

All Lea Hoyer’s pieces of jewelry in gold are stamped with 585 accounting for 14 carat gold and several of them are decorated with white Wesselton VVS-diamonds. There are many different qualities within the field of diamonds, and therefore it is very important for Lea Hoyer to work with some of the best materials. Diamonds are gemstones created in and by nature, and they consist of the hardest of all natural minerals. At Lea Hoyer we work with brilliant-cut diamonds that consists of 57 facets. The diamonds add to the creation of long-lasting designs at Lea Hoyer.  

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At Lea Hoyer we love to help you with special queries, such as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a special ring for you. It all starts with a meeting in our studio or online, where we will discuss the different options and talk about your requirements. If interested, please book a non-binding appointment at

You have the opportunity to get your own unique ring. It will be based on your dreams, wishes and budget together with our aesthetic point of view. The design process starts with a meeting where we will discuss your expectations and dreams. It is a very personal process, where we do our best to make your dreams come true. The result will be a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, specially designed in corporation with our customer.

The time frame for a specially designed piece of jewelry will take between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the magnitude.
Prices start from 10.000 DKK.

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