Home Collection

Lea Hoyer Home Collection is made of sterling silver, since Lea does not wish to compromise on the quality of her collections. Therefore, Lea Hoyer always puts a great honor in choosing materials that can last a lifetime. Sterling silver is a precious material that can last forever, if you make sure to take care of it properly. 

Care Guide

This guide will help you to take care of your small, but beautiful bits and pieces from Lea Hoyer’s Home Collection. 

When cleaning your sterling silver items it is important that you do not put your items into your dishwasher, as this will cause your items to rust over time. 

As time passes by sterling silver will naturally oxidize during contact with the air. Therefore, the best way to store your silver is in an airtight bag or an airtight container to avoid too much contact with the air. 

However, if your sterling silver items have already started to oxidize you can always use a silver detergent to clean them. This will remove any stains that your silver has gained over time. 

Home Collection


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999 kr


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Gift Card

Gift Card
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Tote bag

Tote bagTote bag
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