Lea Hoyer


4.999 kr

The Kirsten earring is our five-year anniversary earring, which is named after Lea’s grandmother. The earring consists of two parts, whereof the lower part is the first shape made from the water-cast technique, which Lea created back in 2017 on a jewelry course. The shape became a ring, and for many years it has mainly been collecting dust. The organic shape deserves new life as a symbol of the journey that Lea Hoyer Jewellery has gone through. Therefore, it has now become a beautiful and elegant earring, which will be made in a limited quantity.

Lea’s grandmother grew up in Skagen and quickly learnt the importance of being able to take care of oneself. Therefore, she educated herself to become a women’s hairdresser, which was an occupation that she deeply loved and was proud of. She married to Lea’s grandfather, and they were both each other’s love of their lives. They wished for a life filled with memories and independence together with their three children, whereof Lea’s mum was the youngest. Today, Lea has daily contact with her grandmother, and they enjoy each other’s company.

Crafted in 14 ct solid gold